How To Enhance Shopper Satisfaction at Australia?

How To Enhance Shopper Satisfaction at Australia?

How to increase your store conversions? Surely you will be very curious about the above issue, right? Follow the article below of SmartOSC to know more details.


Truth 1: consumers report their terrible experience half as much as fantastic. There is no doubt about enhancing customer satisfaction.

Truth 2: You should work more often than not to mask a poor experience with 1 customer.

Truth 3: New buyers have 6-7 times higher costs to secure your store.

Truth 4: An existing client is far more likely than another consumer to buy.


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Truth 5: Loyal customers are more relevant than their first purchase many times.

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Here’s the answer for make your clients fulfilled and stay your store for quite a while.

Here’s 5 advantages of RMA (Return Merchandise Authorization) for your store customers and support team members:

1st Advantage – Even guest users are able to discuss and add comments to their requests (no need to login to user account to watch an RMA inquiry)

2nd Advantage – Refund option is also available for store customers to their Store Credit Account

Therefore, buyer knows he has some money + extra bonus on his personal account and will shop again in your store!

3rd Advantage – Your customers can create one RMA inquiry to return or exchange items from different orders!

Great feature for customers making several orders at a time!

4th Advantage – Support team members can help customers any time in creating RMA order from the backend interface.

This feature is useful in several common cases:

– Your customer experiences some technical issues and can’t create RMA order right now. He or she can call and ask support team member to create it for him

– Your customer has some kind of disability (visual, for instance) and needs help in creating RMA order

– Your store is currently having some technical troubles, and your support team can accept all inquiries by the phone only.

5th Advantage – Easy integration with Help Desk solution for further managing all RMAs in ticket system.

After converting to RMA inquiry all further emails, related to the ticket will be automatically forwarded to the RMA extension and all correspondence will be carried there.

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  • Stay close to your customers, give them a hand any time they need and know their values
  • Personalize every RMA request and show you care about your store buyers
  • Raise the number of satisfied and loyal customers
  • Save pretty much on selling to returning buyers instead of acquiring the new ones
  • Give your customers better service and shopping experience to get good feedback.
  • Easily create and manage RMA orders
  • Personalize notifications for every customer
  • Know your store buyers better and give them even more quality help
  • Return more loyal customers.

Article source: Magento VietNam

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