Magento 2 Disable Compare Extension Free at Australia

Magento 2 Disable Compare Extension Free at Australia

Compare is a default feature allowing customers to compare products before deciding to add them to cart. However, some stores just want to remove “add to compare” buttons from their sites. Magento 2 Disable Compare extension free is a simple and effective, solution to disable compares products in all pages as wished. Discover more Magento 2 Extensions to boost your site. Together with SmartOSC to clarify the details Magento 2 Disable Compare Extension Free through the following article.

This blog will provide e-commerce websites’ owners with useful information about:

  • The limitation of default to disable compare
  • Why Disable Compare free extension is a must-have tool to remove compares
  • Outstanding features of Disable Compare extension free

The Limitation Of Magento 2 Default To Disable Compare

If admin wants to remove compare functionality, there are no alternatives but to modify codes. However, interfering with core codes requires times and IT knowledge. Magento 2 Disable Compare extension just simplifies all work without any template rewriting. BSSCommerce Disable Compare Free extension disables compare in any pages only by one configuration from backend setting.

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A Handy Magento 2 Extension To Remove Product Compare

For buyers, compare products functionality helps them to make the right choice when shopping online, while sellers sometimes blame it for slowing down customers’ purchasing, Shop owners have two options to disable compare products, they are to edit core files and make changes respectively to remove compare links page by page. You can visit How to Disable Compare in Magento 2 – Full Tutorial to see the technical tutorial. Nevertheless, this solution is complex and risky as you may lose all changes when having an upgrade.


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Another simpler and more time-saving solution is Magento 2 Disable Compare Free extension, which is completely flawless and no code-modify. Explore more amazing Magento 2 extensions from SmartOSC.

How Magento 2 Disable Compare Extension Works

Disable Compare Products Functions On All Pages Without Any Code Overrides.

To enable Disable Compare extension in the frontend, admin just selects “Yes” in Disable Compare Configuration and to show compare products links and buttons again, choose “No” instead.

Magento 2 Disable Compare Extension Free at Australia

No rewriting core code template is required. How amazing!

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Easily remove compare functionality by one step with Magento 2 Disable Compare Free Extension.

Thanks to Magento 2 Disable Compare, there is no “Add to compare” on any pages, whether Product Page, Search Result Page, Category Page, Related/Cross-sell/Up-sell Products, Widget, the Header of Home Page, or the bottom of Layer Navigation.

Magento 2 Disable Compare Extension Free at Australia

Remove “Add to Compare” on Product Page

Magento 2 Disable Compare Extension Free at Australia

No “Add to Compare” thanks to Disable Compare extension

Magento 2 Disable Compare Extension Free at Australia

Disable Compare features to promote related products

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By using  Disable Compare free extension, shop owners can speed up customers’ purchasing process and increase sales, while buyers are able to directly add the products to cart without the concern of product compare.

Download for the best deal ever to take advantage of removing all disable compare functions freely! For more wonderful Magento 2 Extensions, please visit our website and our support team is willing to respond to any inquiries at all time.

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