You cannot ignore these trends in iPaaS platform creation

You cannot ignore these trends in iPaaS platform creation

Businesses of all sizes are turning to cloud-based platforms and integrations to improve their operational processes, maximize new opportunities, and increase their competitive edge.

An integrated Platform has emerged as a vital technology in the digital transformation process. This blog will provide an overview of the iPaaS platforms trends that organizations should know to keep their operations current with the latest industry developments.

What does iPaaS mean?

iPaaS integrates processes data applications and software programs. This allows businesses to easily connect with cloud apps, simplifying their operations. These integrations are efficient and save time because they provide one platform for multiple apps.

Gartner reported that the market in integration platforms as services reached $1 Billion in 2017, after increasing by 60% and 72%, respectively, in 2016. This makes this method one of most rapidly evolving software areas.

Trends In iPaaS Platform Design You Cannot Miss

Everywhere there is connectivity

In the past, employees had to install all software on their computers. Things have changed in recent years. There may be a multitude of places where people can find the apps that they are looking for. It is common knowledge that iPaaS can be used to link these applications. iPaaS can meet the increasing demand for dynamic, adaptable connections.

More eCommerce integration solutions

A variety of tasks are required to manage eCommerce, such as order fulfillment, online sale, inventory management, and so on.

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iPaaS will offer a specialized eCommerce solution that allows you to integrate backend operations with an ERP software. These integration solutions will allow businesses to ensure seamless data flow between back-end and front-end systems, and help reduce IT costs.


CRM integration for ERP, analytics, business intelligence

While businesses are quickly connecting to their customer service systems using contact databases systems and customer support systems utilizing system, there is still an issue with the integration of CRM systems into ERP, analytics, or business intelligence.

These interfaces enable businesses to have access to sensitive data, to a 360-degree view and to automate business processes. iPaaS platforms is working to develop a single platform for combining these front-end, back-end technologies.

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Integration with agility

With the constant upgrades of their apps and software, agility becomes more important. iPaaS is a way to increase agility and speed up your business’s ability to scale, improve quality, and respond quickly.

Due to the growing trend toward agile-driven integration, micro-services are easy to design and implement by businesses. This method creates a common message between microservices which are loosely connected, allowing for system integration.

AI/ML use Cases in the Integration Space

Artificial intelligence and machine learning have expanded their applications. A number of pre-defined applications can be connected via AI-driven speech commands or chatbots using NLP to extract and produce useful data.


iPaaS platforms can be more complex than ever. This is why businesses must keep an eye on the current trends and choose the right platform to meet their needs. KinCloud includes all of the benefits listed above and many more that can be used to empower your marketing teams by allowing them to access large volumes of customer data.

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